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You might get a laugh out of this.

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Hi everyone and here is my storie.............

It was a beautiful winter saturday morning here in Brisbane Australia , my son and I were at the local Honda/Ducati dealer to trade in my 1098 Ducati on a 1198S.

Being a busy day, while we were waiting we were checking out all the new bike. I said to juniior , how about we go for a test ride on the Goldwing (ha,ha). My son (11 yo ) only likes sports bikes.

He tells me ,no way in he getting on the back of a "grayhound bus"!!

Im laughing to myself , thinking this is really funny until the sales man gives me the keys to the wing and says see you in an hour or 2.

Worst thing I ever did, that test ride cost me $38,500.

My son loved it too.

So I have a nice shinny 2009 Silver GL1800 in the shed, which is now alot smaller than it used to be.

I still have my 1098, tell me I dont have an understanding wife:)
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Smart dealer. Most of them know once they get you on one they have you hooked. Congrats on your new Wing and welcome to the forum. Ride safe and enjoy.
... Howdy ... Great Decision ... When Jr. Gets To The Riding Age Put Him On The Duck And Wife On The Wing ... You've Got The Bases Covered ... It's A Family Affair ... Remember- Happy Wife = Happy Life ... Congrats ... Happy Trails ...
hello and welcome to GWOF circuit1 and congrats on the purchase. thank that salesman for converting you and your son into wing riders
Riding a Wing sure is a powerful drug. Congrats on the bike. I like that quote "happy wife = happy life"! I'll have to get that tattooed on my forehead !
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