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Ye Blacke Pearl!

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Arrrgh, I be a Veteran not of the High Seas mate but like the Piratey thing lol.
Hey my rides a 81 made in the USA (Harley owner's that have the weird thing about where a bikes from-not all) this bike was sitting in a showroom, had starting troubles etc. my good, was a one owner machine well taken care of before it sat, I replaced many item's did a valve timing, and also added a sweet Phase-liner stereo system, kept the original for a backup plan!
bike still has less than 82K not a garage queen, would trade er for a mid size Cruzer with Classic styling.
One of my Grandkids seated on bike, maybe, someday this might, pehaps, possible, don't know for your's?


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hello and welcome to GWOF bigricksharpe
81 bike still lookin good

Bike looks good sharpe! Looks like a keeper.
Nice looking ride. Where do you call home?

looks good i have exact year and model yours in better shape.
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