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Up for sale is one (1) set of the Kuryakyn "Ergo II" Highway Pegs for the GL1800's (Honda Goldwings). The specific Kuryakyn part # is 4064.

Take a moment to review the following details on these awesome Kuryakyn Pegs:

Ergo II Cruise Mounts for the GL1800 (model 4064)
Ergo II Cruise Mounts are undeniably the best highway peg available for the GL1800. The sturdy two-piece clamp assembly is easily installed & locates the swingarm mounting point high & tight for excellent cornering clearance. With numerous footrest options & a wide range of adjustability, the Ergo II is sure to please. Click on this link for more information: Ergo II Cruise Mounts | Küryakyn


NOTE: These have the SWITCHBLADE pegs that enclose into the highway peg itself, which is REALLY AWESOME, especially if you like to have that potential added extension available should you want to have a place for the heel of your foot. Listen, if you know anything about Kuryakyn, then nothing else has to be said. These are the best!!!

They are a great addition to your bike and while this set may be pre-owned, I can assure you they are in absolute MINT condition. They were on the bike for a VERY short time and when on the bike, the bike was always garaged. For shipping purposes, I may send them in a different box than the one they came in, due to it being so bulky, which will save some on the shipping costs. All parts and paperwork will come packaged together.

Should you have any questions, and/or need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are very responsible and credible and have sold much on E-Bay as well with a flawless reputation.

Thank you for looking and enjoy your day!!!
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