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Personally I'm not a fan of "fru-fru", stuff that you have to polish all the time. I ride to much and don't want to spend my down time scraping bugs off chrome; however, I did add a few, IMHO, a few necessary and maybe not so necessary accessories to my new Wing. (The dealer offered $1000.00 bucks of free accessories at purchase time... this actually was about $960.00 because I had to pay sales taxs.)

I ordered the fog-light kit, the expensive one. I also ordered guards or them. No one told me that the dealer wanted one hour of labor ($70.00) to install them. I was going to send them back, but the mechanic pointed out that the fog-lights cost over $400.00 and it be cost effective to protect the lights. Logical to me, so for $50.00 dollars they agreed to install the guard. (I'm disabled and cannot do this work myself.)

So, if you ever order accessories that you may not be able to install yourself, ask what the labor charge may be!!

Also, I ordered a trunk light w/harness, dealer wanted an hour labor for install; but my local independent dealer (the same one who installed my back-off light switch) is going to do it for $50.00.
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