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Windshield question

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Now that its getting colder here in the Carolina's,
I have moved my windshield up to the highest setting on my 1800.

I had it as low as it could go before. I really don't like looking through it as much as over it. However, when its cooler, it helps to have it up higher. I ride with an open face helmet for now. I have a full face helmet too but its cheap, and has a lot of wind noise
So how many of you look through vs over the windshield?

I am thinking I should really find a higher quality full face helmet, one that is quiet, no buffeting and lower the windshield back down so I can see over it. When its warmer this is not an issue. I am looking for cooler, bordering on cold suggestions.
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I look through it....The only time I don't like it is when the fog is thick and cold.
Definitely over it. Very seldom is it set high enough to look through.
over it , i leave my house at 4 am everyday and its been in the low 40's but i use my nolan helmet and put face shield down during the morning , and flip it up when i come home , btw i love this helmet when you turn it into a full helmet hardly no noise at all
I've always liked to look through the windscreen. Just my preference. Had a Tulsa tall windscreen on my 98 GL1500 and it was like riding in a bubble..
I look over it--I'm too tall to look through it.
I look through my Tulsa tall the only bad thing is those mornings when it fogs up.
I have to look over. It rains here and at night you would be sitting along side the road if you looked through. The lights from other cars combined with the rain would put you in park.

I just ordered the Givi Airflow adjustable for my Silverwing:

The Windbender system looks good for the Goldwing and I will putting that on my Goldwing for the spring.

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My 2001 came with an Windbender. It is a 2 piece shield that both parts are adjustable, but designed to look over. It has a lip at the top of the 2nd shield so it is hard to see through the bend. The air flows nicely over me and my rider. I use to have a VT1100C Shadow with a tall shield which was great until it fogged up. I even tried the anti-fog chemicals that would work the first time it got wet.

I just looked up this Windbender online and it is about $450, so I got a better deal than I thought on the bike. I highly recommend it.
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