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Found this with a Google search. Hope it helps.

Removing the Fuel Filter
Step 1Remove the seat. The seat will lift off the frame.

Step 2Locate the fuel tank. Follow the fuel lines to the fuel pump. The fuel filter is located before the pump.

Step 3Remove the mounting bracket with a socket wrench. Pull the filter toward you for easy access.

Step 4Pull the inlet and outlet lines off the filter by removing the hose clamps with a Phillips-head screwdriver. In some cases the filter will be held on by a quick-connect fitting. Lift the tabs and pull the lines off the filter.

Installing the Fuel Filter
Step 1Install the new filter. Make sure that the arrow on the filter is facing toward the fuel pump.

Step 2Tighten the inlet and outlet lines securely on the filter. If it's equipped with a quick connect, you will just need to push the lines onto the filter till it snaps in place.

Step 3Bolt the filter securely back to the mounting bracket. Make sure the filter is tight to the frame.

Step 4Crank the motorcycle to inspect for leaks.

Step 5Position the seat back on the motorcycle. The seat should fasten securely.

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Actually there is no fuel filter on the 1800, but as Two Wheel King posted there is a screen but it attached to the fuel pump, no one that I know of has any trouble with it being clogged.
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