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What is this liquid? Is it oil?

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Hello everyone!

I've recently bought a 1986 Interstate and have been loving it for the past week. I just noticed a liquid coming from where i've shown in the picture. Is this oil? I'm new to understanding the mechanics of motorcycles so help would be appreciated!
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I’d say it is NOT hurting anything, but a little clean/ride/inspect might find the source of the leak to service. Dad said, “it can leak oil all the time and not break, it’s when it runs out that the problems add up”.
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I had an '86 Aspencade Sei and, on the close-up picture that you took, it looks like the hose runs into an opaque fuel filter on the right side of the bike. I would just measure the diameter and go to an auto parts store and buy a new length. Replace the hose clamps at the same time. Rubber and petroleum products are not good bed mates.
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YES!!! I now see what Johnglr3553 and Cantankerous are speaking of. THAT most definitely is a fuel line, going to a fuel filter. Is that fuel? Or is there another fluid tracking along that fuel line? Coolant, motor oil, brake fluid? The drip is hard to see, I’m blinded by GL’s 😬🙄😏
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