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Am looking at buying a video camera for my wing.
What camera does everyone use, dont want to spend a fortune but want good videos.

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Back about six months ago "Cycle Gear" (a chain of 97 locations in 26 states and online)
had a sale like they do every month or two. I and another person both bought
Motrax minicam's they are awesome
we got them for $44.99 and then also had to run down to Walmart and purchase
xdram 8gig cards like you use in a new cell phone for data storage for $19.95
1.3Mpixel (just like your webcams in your laptops)
640x480 pixels
30 FPS
64Meg internal
AVI file output
built-in mic with wind cutout
3 x AAA batteries
This thing was used to film a realtime 2hr ride here and it came out excellant
you can view the video on under
Mentorship Ride
25 Feb 2011
First two are the two halves of the ride
avi's can be converted to flv or mp4 by hundreds of free convertors...
check it out....
One of the guys owns the $600 helmet cam that cycle gear sells...we used the cheap
ones that day and loved the results...there are a dozen videos on youtube of this
little camera in action on sportbikes.
Look up youtube videos on this camera also...very cool

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Although not cheap, up here they are $320. There are several places here that sell the GoPro mini cameras. They are HD 1080P. There is another 720P model,but most go for the HD one. There are several videos on u tube that show these cameras in action..pretty impressive.
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