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I don't what I'm doing wrong. It's not my bike because I had a brand new Valkyrie in 97 and I couldn't get it started easily either. I'm definately doing something wrong. It may be that I'm doing the carb Harley version that I've done for years and it dosen't work for this bike.

98 Valkyrie
Carbs/ not fuel injected

Gas on
Full Choke and adjust as it warms up
Twist grip twice

Results are the same as the new one I had in 97 and I never figured out how to start it easily either. Sometimes, no problem. Other times crank, crank, crank then finally starts about the time you think it's not going to. New Battery btw.

There has to be an easier method. Maybe I should'nt twist the grip twice. I've been riding for over 45 years and with carb bikes this has always been the "right" method. I know if it was fuel injected, NOT to twist the grip just hit the button.

The bike runs great after getting it to start and I would suspect the bike if it weren't for the new one I'd also had problems with.

I don't want to keep overworking the starter and maybe washing down the cylinders. There has to be a different procedure than what I'm doing.

Also do I need to remember to turn the gas off when stopping. I've not forgotten since I've owned this one but I know I will.LOL.

Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks Blake
I’ve had the same problem all winter. Couldn’t get it started. Ran the battery down. Started think it was the petcock. The choke on my 98 Valkyrie pushes down easy. But the choke isn’t engaging until you push down harder. Now it starts right up like a champ. Felt like an idiot but problem fixed.
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