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I found a replacement fuel pump on the J&P Cycle website which is J&P part number 532-935.

This pump looks nothing like the OEM pump and J&P advertises it as a universal pump that they claim will work on my '84 GL1200.

This universal pump consists of a simple cylinder shape with the fuel inlet on one end and outlet on the other and is supplied with a couple of strap mounts and what appears to be a foam sock of some kind that must fit around the pump. As you know, the OEM pump has both inlet and outlet on the same end of the pump and mounts on the side of the engine.

My question is: are there any '84 GL1200 owners out there that have had any experience with this particular pump model from J&P and If so, where on the bike did you mount this pump? I don't see how this pump would mount where the OEM pump mounted.

Thanks for your help!

Harkgold :confused:
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