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We have been asked by USAT (The NASCAR of triathlons) to provide a team of motorcycles for the Age Group Championships and the Elite (Pro) Championships in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on Saturday September 25, 2010.

This is their superbowl race for triathlons. All of the racers are previous winners and the pros will be from around the world. This is a fast and furious race and if you are new to it all the speeds are amazing for a bicycle. On the downhills they will get to about 50 mph and will ride on flat ground at over 30.

We meet in Tuscaloosa at 6:30 am and ride to the race site as a group (Dramatic Entrance and most will be done by noon or before. A small group will stay to do the Elite Races after lunch

Those who come to work will get a $25 dinner card, t shirt, a sausage biscuit, bottled water, snacks, etc.

I now need a total of 2 more Wings and the first 2 to confirm get the dinner card for $25. More are welcome to come and work the event and you will get everything but the dinner card.

We cant use anymore trikes for the event. We love trikes but they want 2 wheels to work alongside the racers. Trikes are welcome to come work stand by. They get a shirt and food.

This event is held on and around Jack Warner Parkway in Tuscaloosa and the streets are all closed and the Tuscaloosa PD is great to work with.

You must be comfortable riding slow and with a passenger. All the USAT officials we ride are quite familiar with motorcycles and being a good passenger. You will also be asked to ride quickly along the course as well.

Where else can you go the wrong way on a one way street at twice the posted speed limit, run a red light in front of a cop and he waves and smiles as you go by and others wonder why I do these

Details are located here:

If you want to work the event please email me ASAP. You may post here that you are coming but drop me an email to be sure.

Then you can tell friends and family you did a triathlon.

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