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My 2020 tour just hit 16k miles so I stopped in the shop I've used for years to get a quote on scheduled maintenance and removing old and mounting two new tires. $1400. What? 3 years ago and previous years I was paying about $50 per tire. Today it's over $500 for two including shop supplies and tax. The tires alone went up well over $100 compared to a year ago as well. Since I need tires every year I need a better solution.

My question is: Other folks in NC - do you have a place you go to for less money? I live in Raleigh and don't mind riding to save money. Not at all in fact...

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149.99/hour. That is what dealers are able to get away with. An option that will come up is the darksidedness that changes the way the bike handles, but lets you run longer on a tire change. The cartar’ costs less and lasts longer, if you are willing to accept the changes. Other than that, like others say, do your own service to keep some more moola in your pocket.
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