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So we changed the timing belts on the new 1980 gl1100 yesterday, looked like after the fairing you could just remove the bottom 2 bolts of the Rad to get at the covers... changed the belt, flushed the rad, no problems.....

BUT THEN ! when refilling the anti freeze we have a leak coming for the top could not see where and after drying it up and doing som hunting it seems the little hose from the reserve got pinched near the rad cap end ..when the rad swung out a bit...

After a new hose and some smoke burning off the residual for 5 min, and we were back in action, changed to full SYnth in the rear Gears, new Gromits, gaskets etc..

And remover the BLUE Pinstripe tape the original owner put on it 1980 hiding underneath is pristine Gold... looks great I will be rubbing Glue Gone for the next couple

SO Lesson here is ALWAYS REMOVE the Rad......

Dont make the same mistake I did, but that hose needed to change anyway..

Gerard The Hypnotist
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