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The Blackwing

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Year: 1978
Model: GL1000
Eng size: 1000
Pipes: Short, real short
Seat: Hand made by me
Wheels: Stock 19 up front,
harley 16 with goldwing hub out back
Accessories: None
And the story: A friend bought a van with the bike in the back and he gave me the bike. for free. After about $400 bucks in rebuild kits, tires, steel and an LED brake light hear she is.

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I'm amazed nobody commented on this, I think it's waaayyyy cool!
Must have been posted right after I joined. Sorry I missed this one. It must be a blast to ride. I bet it has a lot of get-up-and-go. Nice job.
Looks fantastic. Hard to believe something Steve McQueen COOL can be had for $400.00. I bet your friend is kicking his a_s because of it.
I like what you have done with it.I love the old wings whether stock or coustom. I have a 75 I am going back stock and a 79 That I am going for a cafe look.
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