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Much of the country goes into Hibernation coming this time of year, at least for Motorcycles.
These are Basic Tips for Storing ANY Gasoline/Diesel Power Equipment whether for Winter
storage or Summer storage for those that have Snowmobiles, Snowblowers Etc...

First thing is to Stabalize the Fuel and finish with the tank As Full As Possible. You need to
run the engine long enough to get the fuel through the entire system and finish with a warm

At that time, finish the running period with Fogging Oil sprayed directly into the intake, without
the air filter(s) in place, at a slightly elevated idle. Preferably as close to the engine as possible.
This should kill the engine while smoking the entire place up. DO NOT turn the engine over
after this stage has been completed ! The Fogging Oil will coat the ferrous metal parts such as
rings and liners (cylinders) to protect against even slight corrosion (rust) forming.

At this point, it is time to change the oil and filter. Why ? Because the TBN of an oil still depletes
even when the engine is sitting and not run. TBN (Total Base Number) is the ability of the oil to
neutralize acidity. Acidity forms through moisture and combustion by-products mixing during
the running of an engine. Acidity will attack the metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It will
corrode and actually soften non-ferrous parts such as babbit lined (plain) bearings shortening
their life. DO NOT run the engine during the storage period.

Next would be to either pull the battery and place inside a heated area on a piece of wood, or
leave it in the vehicle and use a Battery Tender. The Battery Tender will keep a slight charge on
the battery but only when necessary so it doesn't cook the battery, keeping it ready for the
Spring Firing.

Some people put a couple pieces of carpet down to keep the tires off of the concrete. Some go
as far as the bike sitting totally off the ground so the tires don't get flat spots from sitting on them.
Some of you may be familiar with the Thump, Thump, Thump when a vehicle sits for an extended

The last step will be the most important. Cover your baby up and give her a big Kiss and tell her

Following this procedure should not only allow you an easy start-up in the Spring but keep your
engine well protected and helping towards a long life.

Change Your Thinking, Not Your Oil !
Robert Schultz
Lubricant Specialist Since 1984
Your AMSOIL Factory Direct Connection
Toll Free 877-356-6099
PO Box 5474 Maryville, TN 37802​
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