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Im only posting this as a newbie that can be told to shut up but here goes.

Experience...aircraft mechanic, been wrenchin my whole short life. Even know about that old time experience called troubleshooting. Todays term is called shotgunning parts or parts changer.

The starter consists of a whole bunch of copper wires wrapped on the center object called the armature. This usually goes bad when a wire shorts or breaks cause of vibration. I wont turn and usually ruins the relay if applied too much and too long.

The back side has the brushes, they are linked directly under the pole where power is connected. This is called the commutator and brushed go bad after normal wear.

If yours moves but when it gets warm does not....not the starter itself.
Usually this is a solenoid that goes bad or a relay.

Easiest way to trouble shoot.

Remove battery
Remove all fuses
Key off, switch off
Use jumper cables to ground bike on frame or clamped to neg bat cable.
Apply power directly to starter pole. I use a cable that I made to remove the terminals away from the bike. Prevents any accidental frying of computer components....CAREFUL not to ground hot side.
Starter will crank and crank until you remove hot.
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