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Can you hear relay 6 click. It is over in the relay box which is located on the left side under the side cover to the rear of the fuse panel. Remove the side cover so you can hear it better, turn key on, and press the starter button, you should here it click, followed by solenoid A, Located on right side under the side panel it is a large relay mounted up side down in near the oil filler cap, Look for the red and blue connector covers, that's it.. This one has been know to stick. . This provides the energizing voltage to solenoid B ( locate on the right side but the seat has to be removed to it. A also pass the starting voltage on to the main contacts of B, which passe's the voltage on to the starter.
If you don't hear solenoid A energize. You can short across the two large contact of Solenoid A with the key turned on. If the bike starts it's a GOOD bet solenoid A is going south.

Used Contact Cleaner ie: From Radio Shack, on the switch.
From the Northwest Corner.
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