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Speedometer on GL1500 Quit

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My speedometer on my 97 GL1500 quit working, and the cruise control also. Could this be a fuse? Just all of a sudden read 0.

Anyone else have this problem & fixes? I'm going to take it in - but I was wondering if anyone else has had this on their 1500.
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The speedometer issue, is probably the cable or the drive gear located at the lower end of the left fork by the axle or the cable. Remove the left rotor cover locate the Speedometer cable and unscrew it and pull the cable out of the sheath and inspect it. Also remove the drive gear unit from the fork/axle (one philips screw), and inspect it. If you have to replace either the gear or the cable , I would replace both get the cable and a new sheath, if the cable is bad the sheath is more then likely damaged.
The cruise control is speed sensitive, my guess is if the speedometer is not working the cruise won't set.
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Why take it in? Are you that dumb or lazy?

Probably just the cable, and everything else that is related to speed will not work also, cruise control, turn signals won't cancel auto volume on your radio will not work either.
The speedo cable connects the the front wheel on the left side, disconnect it and you can see if the cable is broke or if the plastic gear that it connects to to stripped. Either way it's an easy fix.

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