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Semi-Naked 99

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I have been designing power boats for a few years.That is where I obtained the knowledge to design fiberglass parts.This bike has 10 individual fiberglass parts.
Started as a 99 SE.I wanted to create a bike that was a little more "in the wind".
I made everything myself including the aluminum parts.
Because it has a lower center of gravity in handles very well.
I have put a glovebox in it like my first wing 1976.
I moved to key switch near the glovebox as it would not fit my design where it normally is.86 wing front fender,Ninja LED Tailight,which is integrated with the 4 bullit lights on the saddlebags.
The seat is a Diamond "Big boy" which I shaved down to my design.


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very nice work and very different mr green
Mr Green, You are apparently a MASTER. What a work of art.
Thanks Lonewolf
It took me about 14 months to do it all.Very big project
Great craftmanship. How does it handle on the open road??
Thanks Two Wheels
I have owned a few fully decked wings and found them to feel a little top heavy when cornering.My bike has a lower center of gravity so it has a very nice feel in the corners.I really like the "in the wind " feel a lot.It just feels more loke a motorcycle should.
Nicely done Mr Green! Sorry I never checked this out earlier. Very unique concept and execution. "Totemo ii desu! Anatawa meijin desu, neh?"
translation: very good, you are a master!
Thanks budoka
It was a lot of work.About 14 months because I had to design and build the molds.I figure the next one should only take me about 2-3 months to build.
Nice work. Its a unique looking machine.
Mr. Greene,
very impressive. I have wondered how / what the molds are made of.
willing to share?
I have to admit it is different.
Looks like something that was barfed up!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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