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seat position

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New guy here living just north of Houston. 95 GW. I am a bit cramped up while riding. I am 6' 2" and just don't have enough leg room. What is the best fix?
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never mind folks. Found the answer. Ultimate King seat.
do you have highway boards too
As a part of restoring the bike I am putting boards and an Ultimate King seat.
... Howdy ... I Too Am 6'2" ... Ride A 85 1200 Ltd ... Have Standard Pegs And Forward Boards For The Cruz Time ... Happy Trails ...

Well, It seems Ultimate dosn't make that seat for the 1500. Guess I will have it custom re-fitted.
... Howdy ... Wolf ... Have You Looked Into Those Gel-seats ??? Happy Trails ...
Yep. Have 2 of them. Went by the shop and they have the foot boards on. They are lower and farther forward. Now if they cvan get the thermostat housing in I can get it back.
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