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I have Metzler tires and at 8000 miles they are scalloping (or lumping before each tread making for a bumpy ride. Any input on this condition would be appreciated. Thanks.
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hello and welcome to GWOF silverwing 1800. take the tires back to were you purchased them from and see what they say
Unfortunately, this condition (cupping) is a function of the way you ride. All motorcycle tires do this. When you corner (lean into the turn), you stretch the side tread and wear it from this stretched position. When you return to straight travel, the tire returns to its normal shape, however, the uneven wear from the leaning accumulates over time and results in a "cup" between the tread pattern.

If you can find a way to prevent this (design a non-cupping tire), you'll be a millionaire.

Recommend you maintain proper tire inflation as much as possible. Doing this seems to be the only way to maximize the mileage you get out of your tires.

the tires may be covered under warrenty, take them back
Tire cupping or scalloping (unless it was defective new) is a symptom of other problems. These may include ,but are not limited to, Under inflation, out of ballance, poor alignmetn front to rear, flat spotting, out of round tire and/or defective bearings. Softer compound tires will cup faster.
Next time either run bridgestones 709/704 or run Dunlop E-3"s. run air at 38 ft and 41 rear.
Hi it is my opinion that the tire is not to blame. Like the others have mentioned it is more then likely lack of maintenance. My first suspect would be the front forks
Drain the fluid measuring each and every drop that comes out. And refill with the correct amount using the wet scale.
Compare what you had with what you put in. If the amount varies from fork to fork or to what was supposed to be in the forks you may have found part of the problem.
For sure if you have not serviced the head bearings in awhile or ever please do so. The rest could be explained by bad balancing job on the tire. Or driving habits
If you drive in the tire groves made by cars and trucks in the asphalt like everyone does this is the area that can have slight waves In the asphalt causing your tires and rims to slightly bounce. This is amplified under braking and can lead to this cupping you are worried about.
Normally your forks can absorb this without wear problems but if the fluid is
Low in your forks or your Head bearings are dry and worm all this could work together and will eat up some tires. Even If these things are not causing your problem
It is worth it to service these items has it make the wing ride as it should. Smooooooth.
Btw head bearings should be cleaned and packed with grease every 2-3 years if you pressure wash your bike and spray that area down you will need to do it sooner.
I hope this helps.good luck.

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I've moved this thread to the Wheels and Tires section..
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