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I just did this....

I bought a 3.5mm TRS to Bang and Olufsen Din5 Audio adapter form for $11.99. This fits directly into the female Din5 on the bike. I connect the wired coiled connector from the helmet and, shazzam, music directly from the system into the helmet and the BT intercom remains between the rider and passenger. So, for $24, I continue to use my Q2 BT system and have wired music into the helmets, including MP3 from the MP3 input.

So, even though you're wired to the bike, you can at least hear the music/radio/MP3 on the interstate, as well as have the BT intercom. In addition, I figured when I am solo, I can listen to the music and still have the option of making or receiving a phone call. Granted, the music is a little tinny because of the lower quality of the Q2 speakers, but it works.

I have not tried the rider to passenger intercom without the Scala connected (waiting for a replacement lower end connector from Cardo). More to come on this.

I tried the Nolan MCS units, designed for our Trilogy helmets, but they are rubbish and, at $300 for the pair, I just saved a bunch of money for a better system.
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