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Ok...So the newbie decided before he goes away for his first long ride for a 3 day weekend to the beach he should have music. intercom, and phone on bluetooth...

So I went to the bike shop and purchased the Scala Rider Q2 Pro. But I couldnt use it with my 1/2 helmet so 2 new 3/4 helmets had to be purchased with it.

With girlfriend in hand we picked out our helmets (pics attached) and bought the Scala. I thought I got a great deal. The Scala retailed at $389.00 and got him to $300 and the helmets were $149 and got them for $100 each...I thought I did good.

Installation took about 15 minutes for the first helmet and about 5 minutes on the 2nd helmet. It was truly a cinch!

I put the bluetooth piece on charge for about an hour to pair it with my IPhone. That took maybe 60 seconds. Put the helmet on and dialed my girlfriend...Poof...loud and clear on both ends....hung up and had her call back while I was listening to my mp3 on the IPhone, tunes muted and said answer and there she was with no music...hung up and poof, music returned.

What a flawless and no brainer of an install. Will give a better review after a 5 hour charge and a nice ride...So far I am thoroughly impressed at the ease to make this all work....:cool:



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