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After a very busy season of work , the summer is down time for me. I am planning a road trip 3rd of Jun 11 from Va Bch Va up the west side of DC,, west side of Philadelphia,, heading toward the Americade bike rally in Lake George NY. After a day or so there North to VT Burlington area looping down south through New Hampshire and another bike rally. Total of two weeks of traveling or so. I only like to plan a direction and just go but ideas of stops and sites help.

IS there anything to stop and see?? Or something I shouldn't miss??

We are looking for festivales, historical sites, historical homes, The wife loves the old homes and estates that can be toured. How about any auto/motorcycle museums I have a good list of Vineyards and Micro Breweries already . Any one know of best camp grounds? Open for input...

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Ok fox, Although a little subjective, I'll give this a whack.

For starters a tried & trued website & since I'm from Pa. I'll take on the Keystone:

2) Civil War- Gettysburg
3) Revolutionary War - Valley Forge & Washington's Crossing
4) Hershey Pa.- Fun - Chocolate World & Antique Car Museum ChocolateTown U.S.A. Baby
5) Yuengling Brewery - Pottsville Pa.
6) Knoeble's Amusement Park - Family fun - NO ADMISSION CHARGE - Great Coasters, Lots of Good Food & loaded with bikes, with an actual bike parking area. The Little Lady & I sometimes just go to walk around & eat.
7) New Hope/Peddler's Village Pa. - Quaint little towns along the Deleware River - Lot's of bikes around on the weekends
8) Roebling Aquaduct - Oldest Suspension bridge in the U.S.A. - built by the guy who built the Brooklyn Bridge later - COOL.
9) Can be coupled with #8 - A ride up Rt.97 N.Y. to Hawk's Nest neat road, nice twisties.

Google the stuff if it interests you. Some of it may be out of you way but.......

Oh, by the way - Did I pass the test?

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Over and above what fossil92 listed, google is your friend. Just be careful you don't get so wound up in gathering input that you forget to enjoy what the main reason is...the ride!
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