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This is going to be a place to post maps of our Favorite Rides within our regions, complete with maps, descriptions, photos & videos.

Here is a quick tutorial based on the use of Google Maps. For those that have another way to do their posting by all means, Go for it.

Posting map

Go to Google. Open Google maps, click Get Directions. Start by putting (Starting address in box A). Pick a point along your route to place Box B (The reason I do this is because if you just go from start to finish address Google will choose your route for you.) Once you do that Click on small lettering Add Destination under box B. That will open Box C left click on a point along your route to place your cursor then immediately right click this will open another window, the 3rd tab down says Add A Destination click that & you will complete that leg. Continue with Add Destination under Box C to open D, left click to set cursor, right click 3rd down Add Destination. Etc etc etc until you complete your route. Don’t get frustrated sometimes the maps will do their own thing & mess up. If it does just hit the back button on the browser & it will undo the last destination.

Once you get your route map completed on the top right corner of Google map below the words Sign In page you will see 3 tabs Printer, Mail & Link. Click on the link & it will open a window you will see in the 1st box below Short URL your map Url link. Right click copy & paste that into your GWOF message. This should work fine. If you have any issue let me know.
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