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2018 Honda Goldwing Tour DCT Airbag. Candy Ardent Red/Black. 175 miles. Warranty. Tilting Motor Works ( TRiO tilting reverse trike conversion. The conversion adds stability and braking and locks at 1mph and unlocks at 7mpg. It provides all the advantages of a trike with the full leaning capability of a Goldwing.

Comes with original front end, wheel and tire.

In addition to Airbag model standard features (puddle lights, passenger arm rest extensions, etc.) the following has been added: inView Wireless Helmet-Mounted Brake and Turn Signal Light, TailBlazer modulated tail light, PathBlazer headlight modulator, M1 DVR front/rear HD Cameras, Side case motion sensing lights, Trunk & side case carpet liners, Traxxion Dynamics seat bolts, Top case organizer, License plate compartment, ShowChrome fuse block isolator, Parking brake interlock, Helibar handlebar risers, Traxxion Dynamics Steering Pin, Traxxion Dynamics Steering Stem Nut, Traxxion Dynamics Tie Rod Upgrade, Side stand enlarger, Skin Dash screen protector, Grip Puppies, Firecreek Light brackets, Hopnel Tank Bag, 12V accessory port, Goldstrike drink holder, Fred Harmon s Maintenance videos, Utopia seat backrest, Goldstrike highway pegs, Honda Trunk Rack, Honda Trunk Rack LED Brake Light, Honda Trunk Sub Harness, Honda LED Trunk Light, Rear Fender Extender and Fill Kit, Signal Dynamics Voltage Monitor, Tall Passenger Grab Rails, Half Cover, black, Fob Protector, Animal Whistle, Trunk Luggage / Liner, Saddle Bag Luggage / Liner Set, Goldstrike Omni Adjustable Driver Floorboards, Spare Dealer Programmed Key Fob.

There are more hours than you can imagine getting it set up this way. This is essentially a new bike under warranty.

It was built during Covid, a disabled leg and recent bad news (more potential surgeries) does not allow me to ride it. It should not just sit in my garage. It is a head turner in every way and the only 2018+ TRiO conversion in existence. Over $50k invested.

Asking $34,999. Available in Upstate, NY.

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