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Just joined to do research on Goldwings. I have a Kawasaki KLR now which is not a joy to ride on the freeway. A friend bought used GL 1200 for $1,800 to see if he wanted a bigger bike himself & found out he really liked it. I sat on it & learned the Goldwing was not really heavier feeling then KLR with full tank of gas. I'm retired & do seasonal work during summer. So in Oct I may be looking around for used GL 1200 or GL 1500. I would want to pay between $4K to $6K. I looked on Craig's List and noticed a lot of the older Goldwings seem to be in good shape. So what would be your opinions on the differences between the 1200 and 1500. Any short answers will do now. I got about 5 months to research about the older Goldwings. Thanks.
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hello and welcome to GWOF vineyard pig, see if your friend will let you ride his 1200 and see if you can get a test ride on a 1500. it is probally the only way you are going to make the decission as to which you want. yes i owne a 1200 and a 1500 and have good things to say about them both but the one you buy has to be your decission. i got a 1200 because i always wanted one and couldn't find a 1500 that i liked at the time but i test rode six 1500 wings so when the time was right i got one
no such thing as an unreliable goldwing motor
I have to agree with detdrbuzzard, the 6 cylinder 1500 is probably the most reliable engine Honda produced (not taking anything away from the 1200) but I've met guys with 1500's that have 2 & 300'000 miles on them and have never been apart. Both are truly wonderful bikes. I too am a short guy and really apreciate the reverse feature on the 1500. Good luck and enjoy wich ever bike you choose.
One other aspect that you want to think about is the availability of stuff for the 1500 vs 1200, I have an 84 Aspencade 1200, Looking at the various bike parts suppliers have lots of stuff for the 1500's and 1800's, but not as much for the 1200's...
As an owner of an 84 Aspencade and an 84 Magna, I have to say that I've been amazed at the availability of parts and accessories for the Wing, at least as compared to the Magna. Seems to me that I can still find anything I'd ever want for the Goldwing.
Welcome to GWOF
I just bought my 84 Aspencade last spring - turned 12k since (45k to 56k).
This doesn't have anything to do with the design or the bike - but I went through the brake/hydraulic system this past winter, replacing brake & clutch lines with SS braided, rebuilding Master & Slave Cylinder, and Calipers. I kept running into fluid jelly (like in the caliper piston area). Additionally, many of the rubber parts crumbled into my hand as I removed/replaced them. I kept saying 'This can't be good'.
I don't intend to point the finger at the previous owner for not maintaining the bike. I think he was a typical motorcyclist that had his work done at the shop - which is expensive - and fixed what needed to be done - nothing more.
Just a month ago I replaced the head gasket - not a major deal now but I thought it was when I was starting it.
So if you are looking at getting a 30+ year old bike, I would consider how mechanical you are, and how interested in doing some maintenance beyond 'kicking the tires'.

Good Luck with your decision
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Can a honda 1200cc goldwing be converted to fuel injection? 1987 interstate
First of all, welcome to the forum.

I could be done, but not worth the expense. You would need to find somebody parting out a SEI or a LTD, and just the computer can run up to $500.00.
Can a honda 1200cc goldwing be converted to fuel injection? 1987 interstate
Better to find a good 85 LTD or SEI if you need fuel injected. Before there time. But a carbureted goldwing can run very smooth.
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