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Updated: Questions on mtc items for GL1500...

I'm used to doing some basic mtc myself - oil/filter chgs, rear drive lube change, and similar things. Thankfully, Honda makes those things fairly simple.

Being a new owner of a 1989 GL1500 (w/Voyager trike kit), I want to change out the fuel filter and the air filter next.

I have a copy of the 1989 GL1500 service manual.

1. The instructions for the fuel filter swap are fairly straight forward, but I have a question on fuel flow. I assume that the auto fuel shutoff takes place before the fuel filter such that taking off the fuel filter won't spray gas all over the place. Am I correct?

Not a problem; getting the tubes off the fuel filter is another thing; still working on that.

2. As for the air filter, I think I'm almost there if I take off the top cover for the fuel filter, correct?

As I found out, YES. I also thought about doing a drain 'n fill on the coolant, but the coolant in there looked brand new. As for the air filter swap, you sure do have to remove a lot of plastic, but it's no worse and maybe better than working on a sport bike. of course, I'll know that better if I can snap everything back into place after I finish with the fuel filter replacement.

3. Engine oil change... I changed out the filter and oil last night and while the owner's manual says the oil capacity is 3.7qts, I ended up with nearly 4 qts (about 4floz over the 3.7qt) to get the dipstick to read near the top (after starting engine and checking the dipstick just laying in the hole). Any problems there? I don't know how sensitive this bike is to having a tad mroe oil than it calls for. The service manual talks about over-oiling causing foaming. BTW, didn't have to remove the bottom cowling; just used my ATV lift to push the bike up on one side to give me enough room to get the squeeze-type filter wrench in the cutout.

This was a no-brainer. Used synth 5-40W oil. She runs muhc smooth now. The old oil looked like it had reached its limit.

4. Since I plan to keep the trike kit on the bike and ride my other bike when I want to be on 2 wheels, I'm thinking about a CT for the rear of the GW. The Voyager kit specifies max air + 5lbs in the rear tire, so rear tire wear will be premature at best on a motorcycle tire, which is why I'm thinking of a CT. As little as the Voyager kit allows leaning, I don't see any issue with a CT on the 1500 and have read this site and others to get an idea of what will fit. Any ad'l insight on this that I should be aware of?

Did some research. I'll be moving to a CT in a bit. No need for an expensive MS tire back there that is reaching its load limit. With the trik kit, a CT seems a much better idea.

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