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Question about 1986 1200 goldwing

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hello everyone, This is my first post and i am new to the site. I am looking at purchasing a 1986 goldwing 1200. The owner sent me some pictures of the bike and it is a nice bike. They say it is chain driven but in the pictures it looks shaft driven. (hard to tell with the saddle bags) I have asked them multiple times to make sure it is chain drive like they say and they always say yes. If you guys and girls could let me know if a 1986 honda goldwing 1200 is a chain driven bike I would sure feel alot better about driving 2 hours to look at this bike. Thanks
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... Howdy ... Fx4 ... I Would Be Alittle Leary Of The Seller If They Don't Know If It's Chain Or Shaft ... F.y.i. All Wings Are Shaft Driven They Never Made Chain Drive ... Happy Trails ...
If the owner does not know the difference between chain and shaft drive I would be somewhat leary of purchasing a bike from him. I would suspect he has not owned it for very long..
hello and welcome to GWOF fx4stroker maybe the owner is not mechanically incline you know the type outside of putting gas in the car they don't know anything but to take it to the shop for service, same with bikes
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