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I'm still tinkering with a '83 GL1100 I recently bought, getting it road ready. Even though it has less than 9,000 miles on it, it's had an unfortunate last few years by sitting around in a rather neglected situation. Engine was stuck but now un-stuck, etc. etc.. It has had timing belts repaced and I've been going through other mechanical systems, brakes, fuel lines, etc.

I had a '82 GL1100 for a short time a couple years ago, traded it in on a BMW R1150R, but my wife is not as comfy on the Beemer as she was on the 'Wing so I found the one I have now. If all goes well I hope to have this bike a long time, expecially considering I don't care for all of the whiz-bang electronics on so many of today's bikes.

The one downside of the "Wing, compaired to my Beemer (and the main reason I got rid of the first 'Wing) is that I'm only about 150# and I was a bit uncomfortable with the bulk and weight of the 'Wing at 650+ Lbs. Has anyone made an effort to find some weight saving areas to reduce the weight of their GL1100 by even 25-35#, hopefully weight located up high on the bike? I do want to leave the bike a full dressed Interstate. I have already stripped it of the chrome do-dads added by the PO (chrome, lighted "bumper" below the bags and such) that serve no real useful function other than being more stuff to shine. I've looked the bike over pretty good but only see a few obvious opportunities to shave some weight, but nothing of any significance.

One other question...A friend of mine has had good results "bench sync'ing" carbs on his bikes (ie: 1100 Suzuki) with a fine wire between the carb body and the throttle plates, and lots of patience, and I wondered if anyone here has had any experience doing carbs that way...or is vacuum guages/manometer the "only" way?

I'll look forward to any input and offer my Thank You in advance.

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