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I purchased a 1983 Goldwing Interstate about 2 years ago. I love this old bike and have put many on it since purchased it. Yesterday, it was hot as blazes here in NC and the humidity was at least 200 percent! I took my nephews for rides and when I got back to the house I noticed green anti-freeze on the right hand side of the bike on the carb and chrome cover above the cylinder head.

I checked the bike out and couldn't find a solid leak point. I looked under the fake tank to check the water level and i had plenty, in fact it appeared as if i had plenty compare to a week ago when i last checked it. However, i decided to let the bike cool then i opened up the reservoir tank. it "appears"....not sure, that there is a oily substance in the res tank mixed in with the water.

I put the bike on its rear stand and in a panic checked the oil for water, bubbles, whiteness...anything...NOTHING. the bike does not burn while smoke and runs really well...

any thoughts on what might be going on? I was afraid the grim reaper had called...
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