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I searched and searched for threads involving the upgrade of the 06' and up goldwing speakers. Needless to say, I saw a ton of people who have attempted or have upgraded to the Polk DB521' db651's, db501's, db401's.
I see some who say the 651's won't fit and others who claim to have made slight modifications to get them in.
But one thing I could not find was anyone who installed the Polk MM series mm651 or mm6501.

The MM series is a whole different animal. The basket is odd shaped and while it is slightly deeper, it uses a neodymium magnet that is a fraction of the size of the ceramic magnet on the Polk db series.
I ordered a pair last week and they should be here in a few days. If they arive before we head out to Austin this weekend, I will get them installed and will do a little write up with what I did to get them in and also a review of these speakers.

Here is what I know from my experience with audio systems. These mm series speakers are rated @ 94% efficiency and they are a 2.7ohm resistance.
Normal the db series speaker is 92% efficient and 4ohm resistance.

Theoretically, this speaker should be perfect for the wing. It's basket is carbon composite and very light weight. Polymer woofer cones and Butyl rubber surrounds for use in marine applications and these speakers are Marine Rated!!
The 2.7ohm resistance allows it to pull more power from the Amp and the 94% efficiency lets the speaker make better use of this power.

What SHOULD happen in I can get these puppies to fit is this. The sound quality will be MUCH improved. There will be mid range and some bass that was not there before. There will be no more distortion when playing certain songs that I could not play before. And the whole system will be much louder at the same volume levels while at the same time being crystal clear with a rich FULL sound.

I researched the crap out of speakers and these are top of the list as far a a perfect speaker for the wing goes. Marine grade 2.7ohms and one of the highest efficient rate speaker I have ever seen. The real test will be, can I get them to fit!

I'll let you folks know in a few days!
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