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Bring those old Wings alive better than new!

Easy starting lots of power on and off of the tracks 45 m.p.g. plus.
This is a patent pending high performance off the road intake manifold that uses a ROUND BARREL v.w. carburetor for honda Gold Wing motorcycles of the 1000 cc and 1100 cc class of engines built between 1975-1983. The round barrel v.w. carburetor MUST use a .050 main jet which can be changed from the outside of the carburetor. Round barrel (ONLY) NO OTHER v.w. carburetor will work on this maifold.

We prefer to sell manifolds only. Giving you the option to install a good used one at OWNER'S cost. The rebuild kit costs $15.00 at any auto parts store in the U.S.A., or you can order a new v.w. carburetor DIRECT from our supplyer at (Speed Shop) 865-882-0093 and tell him to include a .050 main jet. Instruction books come with the manifold and hardware kit.

This is a COMPLETE BOLT on assembly, NO drilling, cutting or modifying. It has been tested for 3 yrs. winter and summer at 6,000 ft. elevation to sea level. It has been demonstrated at Boozy Creek dirt drags Kingsport in 07, 08, and 09 also, at Little Sturg's Kentucky in 08. They were all great performances.

This kit replaces 4 carburerators that cost $800.00 to rebuild, which goes BAD easily if not rode often plus the original parts are VERY hard to find, and cost about $500.00 for all of the parts.

Domestic Shipping $10.35
International $41.95

INTAKE AND VW Carburetor
Domestic Shipping $13.95
International $42.50
[email protected]
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