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OPening the Door & Stepping in.

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Hello From the Swamp.

MY name is Tom , I Just west of Bryceville Fl, by the St Mary's River. I currently ride a 2005 ST1300 & KLR 650. I have been looking at the Wing, my wife likes to ride with me, I really like my ST, but I am sure the Wing a major Step up in 2 up riding. So I am just reading up on the Wing, seeing what all the experienced Wingers Think.

Thanks Tom aka,,,,,,,,Vern,,,,, as in "Ya ok Vern"
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... Got My Vote For A Wing ... Happy Trails ...
hello and welcome to GWOF vern, i think you would enjoy a wing as much as your wife would
Thanks for the Greetings, I'll be checking in on a regular basis, saying hello, reading up on Tech stuff, and seeing what everyone does with thier Wings.

Thanks again,

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