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2010 Goldwing ...first impressions

My most recent bike was a K1200LT BMW that I thought was almost perfect. After riding my Wing for 3 days and racking up over 2000KM or (1200 miles) I have some comparisons to share. Both bikes have cruise control, reverse, liquid cooled engines...4 cylinder BMW VS 6 cylinder Honda, heated grips and seats, sound systems, fairings ,bags and top bags.
The BMW has a better cruise control setup. It reacts instantly wereas the Honda has a lag time of a few seconds before it settles into the selected speed. The BMW also has a digital gear indicator that the Honda doesn't have or at least I haven't found it yet. It is a small item, but a wonderful device if it is me on this.
The bikes handle the same at highway speeds, but at slow speeds and on gravel the Honda excels by far. I am 6'3" and the BMW is difficult to wrestle when inching along...especially with a passenger.
Mileage is similar although the Wing uses regular gas...much less expensive. I rate the Wing's power and smoothness far superior also. Along with that power, the Wing is much quieter even though it is way more silent than the quietest HD. My seat is almost equal on the bikes but my wife's derriere prefers the a wide margin. ( no joke intended as she is only 105 pounds)
Interest at the coffee shop is almost even but the Wing is newer and shinier. The electric windshield is a huge benefit for the BMW as the ratcheting Honda windshield is limited to adjustment when stopped. The Navigation system of the Wing generates the most interest. In use it lacks some recognition of secondary roads. It would be much better if HondaChange Title would make a screen for the speed based on the GPS that could be displayed digitally on the whole screen. It is far more accurate and could keep 'Mr. License' in my pocket much longer.
Again power is almost even as the BMW redlines much higher than its Japanese counterpart, but the noise is the downfall of the German engineered bike.
All other aspects like braking, side and center stand use, fit and finish, and ability to get the job done are relatively equal. The BMW is a year 2000 so it has a 10 year deficit when compared to the Honda. The wing can play MP3s and they were not invented when the Beemer was made. Maybe a newer BMW , say year 2009...the last year of production, would be more even when compared to the Honda flagship. I am selling the BMW and going with my Japanese boat for at least 100,000 Km. More to follow as I rack up the mileage. I can also compare the Wing with the Kawasaki Vulan Classic 1500, Concours, BMW R1200CL, or Honda's ST1300 if anyone is interested.
I am not affiliated with any make or model, just a rider like you, but being retired I've got lots of time
Thanks for listening.

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Thanks for the report. I have to wait until 2020 to enjoy a 2010 Wing.

Welcome to the forum from Seattle.

I highly recommend the GWRRA groups (Goldwing Road Riders Association) to find folks who ride wings in your area.
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