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New old guy on the block

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Just want to say Hi to everyone. I'm back on a GL1800 after a (foolish) 14 year absence. During that time I've wandered through motorcycling on various types and brands 'broadening my horizons' as it were. From radical customs to rockets to Road Kings I've been on many different machines but I can't describe what it felt like to get back on a Wing other than maybe incredible. All my other bikes (including the two previous GL's) were special, but nothing compares to what I feel is the most remarkable bike I have ever been on. That being said, I still have a couple nits to pick about, so I hope to gather some info from the fine folks here that are maybe just a tad more current than I. Looking forward to your replies and hoping I can contribute my $.02 in return.
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Welcome to the board and welcome back to the Wing family. Great bike the 1800. Ride safe and enjoy.
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