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Hey everyone. New member from Long Island New York. I rode my buddy's Goldwing for the first time on a weekend ride in the Blue ridge mountains two weeks ago, and ordered a Goldwing as soon as I got home. Happy to be here!
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... Howdy ... Rider Lou ... That Was About Like My First Experience With A Wing ... In 78 Our Local Honda Shop Got 2 New Wings In And The Owner Called And Asked If I Would Be Interested In A Test Ride ... Went In The Next Day Rode The Bike For About An Hour ... Got Back Parked The Bike ... Wrote The Check ... Happy Trails ...
hello, welcome, and congrats on the purchase of your new wing. your friend knew you would be hooked if he let you ride
Welcome to the forum and congrats on your purchase of a new Wing. You will never regret buying a Wing. Spent some time out on the Island working near Huntington Station a few years back. Lots of traffic..

Welcome to the GW owners website Lou. Lots of good solid info here,
and if you don't see it ask. I've found MC riders are a great bunch of people. The left hand wave tells it all.

85 GW LTD.
Go ride :)
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