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Hello, I am a very recent Goldwing owner. A few weeks ago I came into posession of "24 Carat Gold" as my 1992 GL1500SE all gold Goldwing is named (on the back like a boat). This bike is sweet and was riding great for the first 1500 miles.

I picked up this bike with sidecar so that my dog and I could drive cross-country for the purpose of raising funds for cancer research (The Jimmy Fund & Dana Farber Cancer Research & Care Center). We were having a blast as we began in LA and rode to Portland where we hung a right and headed down route 84 to Boise. About 75 miles east of Boise something bad happened and I had to get towed back to Boise to a Honda dealership. They started the bike this morning and determined they would have to open up the motor to find out what is wrong, with it being most likely a transmission or gearbox issue, major problems to say the least. They start the surgery in earnest tomorrow and I fear we will find the worst.

I wanted to introduce myself to the list as a Goldwing owner first and foremost but also find myself in a tough spot trying to accomplish the fundraising effort that I began about a week ago. I was wondering if there is anybody near Boise, ID that may have any Goldwing 1500 parts that I might be able to tap as a resource if it comes to that. If you are and do then give me a shout on this thread.

I will check in tomorrow with status once we have the motor pulled apart and determine what broke in there. In the mean time I am posting some pics in the gallery of 24 Carat Gold and Rex riding 24 Carat Gold, he has been quite the hit riding in the sidecar for the first part of the journey so I am sure you all will enjoy the pics.

Thank you guys for having me, I am very happy to be a Goldwing owner and member of this forum.


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Welcome to you both, enjoy.

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Welcome to the forum from Pa. Glad you found us.. Ride safe...
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