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Hopefully someone on here has more knowledge with electronics than I do. I just finished hooking up my GMRS radio with all of the fine Kennedy products on my '08 wing, but have run into one little snag. I cannot seem to get this to work in conjunction with my mic mutes and had to disconnect the mic mutes in order to get the GMRS radio to work.
Just so you know, I am using the OEM Push to Talk button on the wing. I know that you can use the VOX feature on the radio, but I would prefer to not voice out over the radio every time I talk to my wife on the intercom. Some of those conversations get quite personal.
Anyway, does anyone here have a solution that would allow me to make all of this work together by keying the mic to talk when holding the PTT button down and still be able to toggle the mic mutes?
If it is any assistance I am using the Midland GXT1000VP4 GMRS radio.
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