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W/my new to me.81 wing.
I'll tell you I was nervous at 1st.Put 95 miles on it.
For the most part,all went great.
Little country,city,freeway riding.
Bike ran well for the most of the time.
I did learn a few problems w/it.
1-Fuel shut off had to be set on reserve.
If on main tank after a few miles it would act like it was running out of gas.
So shut off is dirty?
2-Carbs need syned.
knocking at times on take off.
Runs out fine once moving.
Got about 35. MPG.On my 2nd. tank of seafoam now.

I pulled hose and filter off to drain tank.
Put a gal. gas back in to hope an flush it out.
Nothing came out till I put 4 Gal. gas in tank.

I read somewhere there is a drain plug on tank.
I haven't checked that yet to drain more gas out then pull off
shut off out to clean it.( I hope )
Don't want to pull tank yet. I WANT TO RIDE...........

Thanks to Adm. for getting system fixed.
Couldn't post before like others ...


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1000 and 1100 wings don't have a lot of low end torque and like to be at 2500 rpm and above
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