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We have an event we need help with on Saturday May 1, 2010 in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The 3 State 3 Mountain Challenge is a 100 mile Century Bicycle Ride. We need 15 or so motorcycles to help with the escort.

We begin at 7 am at Finely Stadium and return there after the ride.

The ride crosses, Suck, Sand, and Lookout Mountains and is a wonderful ride.

Here is what we need:

Riders who will ride the route and help us keep the bicycles safe and accident free. We do this by riding near them and by helping them to not ride 3 and 4 wide up and down the mountains.

We will also help stranded riders by calling the support truck.

This is a ride that supports a number of charities in town as well.

We feed you and have drinks along the route. There are 4 rest stops. There will also be some little square hamburgers there (Wonder who).

We will also give the first 15 who sign up and work the event a dinner card to a local restaurant.

We will not be riding any race officials. This is a ride and not a competitive race.

You do not have to work the entire race or start at 7 am. Many can start at South Pittsburg or Ketner’s Mill. You must ride at least 4 hours for the dinner card.

If you want to work have contact me asap.

I am available via email or on Facebook. Please call with any questions.

This is a fun event

Thank you,
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