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I received my Scala Rider Q2 Multiset last week and put them in my wife's and my helmets. First chance to try them was this weekend and I am impressed.
They work at decent distance and the sound for the intercom is quite clear. You get a lot of wind noise depending oin where you put the microphone but even with that the voice comes over clear. I can communicate dangers ahead, when I am stoping and just to plain yell at my wife for riding to slow.;);) Just kidding.
The only thing that I tried that I wasn't impressed with was I plugged my bike radio into my unit and it sputtered and sometimes worked and sometime did not. I have to play around with it some more, maybe I didn't have a good connection???
We found that if you turn the voice activation off and just activate the com when you need it, one touch of the big button, that works better. I have my radio going usually and it was loud enough to activate the com and all my wife got in her ears was a high ptched whine. No it was not me, it was my radio. :D
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