Hi folks,
Knowing I was potentially in the market for a used Goldwing, a good friend donated a tote containing a few parts he had from a 1200cc '84 or '85 model thinking I might be able to use them. To be honest, I think I'm going to be looking for a Goldwing not much older than about a 2010, so I know these parts won't fit anything of that generation. Everything is in pretty nice shape, with several of the parts being new old stock. I've done my best to determine OEM part numbers and descriptions for what I have and I will obviously consider any reasonable offers with the hope that the parts will make it a good home and help to keep another Goldwing looking good and on the road. Thank you!
Front Fender (NOS) 61100-MG9-0000
Bag Protector (RH) 81219-MG9-7700
Bag Protector (LH) 81419-MG9-7700
Lid-Trunk-Inner 81145-MG9-8700
Garnish Screen 64110-MG9-870
Antenna Cable 39152-MG9-871
Air Filter (NOS) 17211-MG9-950
Cylinder Head Covers (2) 12311-MG9-000
Cam End Cover (NOS) 373932
Oil Filter Cover assembly 15411-371-000
Oil Filter O-Ring Set (NOS) 15410-426-010
Grille 64205-MG9-770ZK
Mirror (LH)
Chrome Switch Panel (NOS)