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Hi, i hope someone can help me fix this problem....:confused:
I have got a serieus problem, my stationary rpm is to low, and when i stop driving, the engine almost fals out, the stationairy rpm goes up and down, all the time...
i went to different dealers in Belgium, and nowbody nows the answer to fix it.
My bike is a 2006 gl 1800, whit navigation and comfort package, so yo now what i drive..., its a realy American, whit a Hannigan GT side car....
Is there anyone who have got the same problem, and now any answer to fix it..
I tested the dynamo...., its ok, battery...., its ok, the only thing i have tested today, is when i pull out the fuse from the cruise control, the stationary rpm goes about 100 rpm higher, en the up and down going stationary rpm is almost gone, so ok...

Please sombody help me.:confused::confused::confused:
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