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lots of questions

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Hey Guys:
Glad I joined, bought a brand new 08 Black wing audio/comfort/nav/ABS.

Rode an 05 Venture until I got the Wing.

Want to put trunk and bag lights on, see that both Kuryakyn and Show Chrome have sets. Any advice on which is better/brighter, looks good etc. Installation is the same so not a problem, however Chrome World stated a load equalizer was needed. Is that the case if you are only running them as running lights? Does anyone make these lights with Amber on the sides and Red in the back?

Sponge Bob
Tucson AZ.
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... Howdy ... Sponge ... Congrats. On The New Ride ... This Is A Super Site ... Jump In And Make Youself At Home ... Happy Trails ...
Hi Sponge
Yes, there are a lot of places to buy lights. The brightness depends on the number of LEDs in a set. One company even makes a scrolling sign that you program. it can display up to 15 msgs with 150 chariters each. Great for tailgaters. (eg. GET OFF MY DONKEY PLEASE)
Just jump on line and search motorcycle lighting and shop your head off.
First welcome to the board and congrats on your new Wing. Lots of things to spend $$ on. I recently purchased an 09 and had the Honda spoiler w/LED lights installed and also the Kuryakyn trunk rack. I'm very pleased with both. I don't think there is a spoiler made that has lights on the side, but you can get LED lights to replace the panels on the side and back of both the bags and the trunk. All of that gets a little pricy, but it does make you much more visible. Enjoy your new Wing and ride safe..
I had the show Chrome lights on my 02 both saddle bag and trunk, they worked great. The Kuryakyn ones have more chrome than lights, they are both running and brake lights, (I never put on a load equalizer with mine) it depends on what you like, and then there are these
if you like colored matched, from
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