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The Green Wing is going back together. The only problem so far are the water tubes that go in the thermostat housing leak. New tubes and O rings and housing. They assembled it twice now and when they pressure test it it still leaks. Found thee O rings were bad the first time but I have no idea why it leaked the second time. I am sure they will work it out.
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the housing may be warped
Check for pitting on the surfaces that may cause the seals to not seat properly.
try doubling up on the o-rings for a secondary sealing surface. assemble with a little lube [vaseline works good] good luck.
New housing and pipes. the first set of O rings had cracks in them. I dont know yet about the second set. They may have been defective as well.
Ps The guy working on it is one of the best Wing men I have ever known. I am sure he will work it out.
They got it. Held prsr all night, Started and ran it up to temp. No leak. They will let it set tonight and if it is still good put it back together.:)
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