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Just got this from our local GWRRA chapter director, thought I'd past it along. Looks like it for the passenger floor boards

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Campaign 11E054000

The National Highway traffic Safety Administration has issued a safety recall alert for 21,600 Honda Goldwing motorcycles. Aftermarket floorboards made by Kuryakyn may crack and break off from the Honda motorcycles, possibly injuring riders or causing collisions.

NHTSA says the issue affects Kuryakyn floorboards, part number 607005, that were sold and installed on 2001-2011 Honda Goldwing motorcycles.

The Kuryakyn Part Number quoted on the US Recall Notice is 607005 but this doesn’t compute because Kuryakyn usually allocates four digit part numbers to accessories.

One website we researched states they have been able to get confirmation from Kuryakyn that it is the Passenger Floorboard, Part Number 7005, which is affected. The rider’s footboard kit, Part Number 4038, is not subject to this recall.

A link to the Kuryakyn website for this part is located at

GL1800 Kuryakyn Floorboard Recall
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