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so I'm going to load up my Wing and head west!

On or about May 13th, I will be leaving Franklin, Kentucky on a short trip to southern CommieFornia. I will stay there for several days, and then head up to Paso Robles, CA. for the Great Western Bicycle Rally over Memorial Day Weekend. :D Then I'll be returning to Free America in early June.

If anyone would like to ride along with me for all or part of the trip, let me know. My route is not yet determined. I will be staying in motels. You should have the time to ride, and the ability to cover ALL of your own expenses, including your own room(s).

I plan to ride about 750 miles per day and make the Left coast in three days. Weather and other factors might make each day's ride shorter, or longer. I stop for fuel, food, bathrooms ... and female hitchhikers only. :cool:

That plan could change, as I might drop down through Hot Springs and Dallas, to stop in on cousins along the way, but I *think* I'm going to head straight out I-40 and back again. If you are interested, let me know!
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