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Hello all. I am a new winger. Bought my 09 black cherry beauty on May 23rd this year. Already have over 6000 miles on her. WOW, what a machine. I just can't seem to stay off this thing. My name is Ted and my wife is Tonya. We live in central Oklahoma, are retired, and ride most days that aren't hot. Looking forward to reading all technical posts and keeping up-to-date on service tips etc.
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hello and welcome to GWOF ted and tonya
WOW, that's some riding. According to my calculations that's about 2,000 miles per week. Don't know when you have time to sign on to the forum.

Anyway, welcome to the forum and congrats on your new Wing. I'd say enjoy your new ride, but obviously you are. Ride safe..
hi to u, TT

I love the black cherry color, in 04 it was hard to get that color. Mine is tomato red, another rare color. I'm hip to 6000 miles in a short time, I had 35,000 in the first year and 90,000 after 3 years. The mechanic doing my service once said " the only time you shut that thing off is when its sitting here ". His observation was correct.

Did you get my repy to your oil queston ? Have a good ride and stay safe.
Welcome & happy new year Ted. Sounds like you are enjoying retirement. Ride safe.
Sounds like you enjoy the bike!

Welcome to the forum from Seattle.

I highly recommend the GWRRA groups (Goldwing Road Riders Association) to find folks who ride wings in your area. When you attend chapter meetings you will find friendly folks that ride the same motorcycle you do, and like the members of this forum, they know their motorcycle.

You can find a local chapter by going their website:
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