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I signed up to do another SS 1000 with a twist. The Eggsanity SS 1000 put on by Motorcycle Touring Forum starting/ending in Memphis, TN. The twist is that mandatory stops are of course gas stops but infamous eggs serving restaurants. Waffle House, Waffle King, Omelet Shoppe and Huddle House. At each you needed to have your picture taken with egg dish ordered and you with your flag (provided at beginning of ride). By the end I was tired and "egged out".

Starting in Memphis (Cordova, TN Waffle House) one could ride "clockwise" or "counter clockwise" as you chose. I rode clockwise with mandatory stops being I-40 E to Dickson, TN, I-840 to Murfreesboro, TN, I-24 E/ I-59 S to Ft. Payne, AL (Waffle King), Sumiton, AL Omelet Shoppe, I-20 W to Laurel, MS Huddle House, across to Brookhaven Exxon and then I-55N to Memphis. All riders released at 5 am and I finished up around 12:40 am. Required to get DBR (dated business receipt) at restaurants, take picture of receipt and odometer reading. I threw in some pictures of gas DBR as well.

I unintentionally hooked up with 2 BMW RT riders who were experienced and cool as day is long. We discussed directions tactics at pre-ride dinner the night before and most were going counter clockwise I guess to not ride east into the rising sun. But I went clockwise along with the 2 RT riders. I left the parking lot first and hustled east on I-40 and the RT riders passed me in first 40 minutes. As the sun rose I passed them about 40 minutes later. We pulled in first mandatory gas stop 180 mi +/- with couple minutes of each other. Then at the next corner in Murfreesboro, TN at second gas stop we were all gassing up at same time.

Down I-24E I was out in front and crossed over Monteagle Mtn easily as you have to be careful with heavy slow trucks going way under the speed limit and cars either caught behind them or trying to leap out of line to pass. You got to stay on toes and hope those cars see you moving quickly in passing lane. Traffic was lighter once on I-59S to Ft. Payne in NW Georgia and NE ALA. Pulling into the Waffle King in Ft. Payne the RT's parked about the time I took my helmet off.

Next stop was Sumiton, AL Omelet Shoppe where path took you thru detours of major interstate construction in east Birmingham, AL. Getting to detour around there was either a long funeral possession or something that had motorcycle escort blocking me on exit ramp. Once they release all us I made some turns and came upon train tracks with the gates down. I saw cars driving around the gates and when I eased up I saw a train stopped to the right and left. I darted around the gate as well only to go a few blocks and blocked by train that was not moving. I was about #10 in line and it was HOT. I saw cars making U-turns in front of me so I decided to do the same. I have the address of my destination in the Goldwing nav system but as many of you know I do not trust where that thing tells me to turn. But it was so HOT seating still I decided to listen as being lost moving seemed better than waiting/HOT. I weaved around some sketchy neighborhoods but finally saw sign to I-65N and I knew where I was then.

From Sumiton, AL the next stop was down I-20 in Laurel, MS. I passed thru Tuscaloosa, AL where Univ. of ALA had played football and traffic on opposite side was crawling. South bound was heavy traffic but moving. My butt was tired and was thirsty so I got off at rest area inside the Mississippi state line. It was a 230 + mi run to next mandatory stop and my low fuel light came on at 205. I was still 30+ miles from Huddle House in Laurel. I did not want to chance running out of gas. Ironically, I went past 16 miles and 2 exit with no services!! I finally got to next exit and I calculated that I had about 4/10ths of gal of gas left in tank.

I pulled into Huddle House parking lot and there sat my RT riding buddies already inside ordering. I joined them and I decided since the sun was going to be down on next leg to Brookhaven, MS would ride as group. The ride north on last 280 mile leg of I-55N was LONG and dark. I could have sworn the last 100 miles I felt like it was 200 miles. Once across the stateline of Tennessee we came up on auto-motorcycle accident that police and EMT had not arrived yet so it just happened. Plastic car parts were spread across all 4 lanes of northbound I-55, two people male and female were sitting against concrete median wall while their motorcycle had skidded 50 feet past them and laying on side against median wall as well. Two cars were tangled up as well against median wall too. That will make you perk up and forget you are tired and just rode ALL DAY/1000 miles.
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